Welcome to office where you want to be at your productive best, better organised, efficient and comfortable sans any distraction, the most comfortable couch you will ever relax yourself in, bed which will swallow you completely in.

We introduce our self as manufacturer of sofa, office chairs, dining chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, office and home furniture which reflects your needs, attitude, lifestyle and very important optimal space utilisation which is your Comfort Zone.

Our highest priority is on customisation of our products as per given specifications by clients/interior designers like size, color and other requirements. We are committed to provide what our customer wants and we provide quality and consistency at the best value. Our commitment to valued customers leads us to search for product which might not fall into our portfolio, if they are desired to be served by us.

Beside manufacturing of chairs, sofa, beds or mattresses, our speciality is to repair of most integrated and sophisticated chairs, sofa or seating systems.

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